Els Mertens testimonial

I was approximately 28 years or so when I was in such a bad state of health after all the previous years with allopathy, that a psychiatrist thought I had to enter a hospital.
Through a group around postnatal depression, I met in a hospital a psychiatrist who was learning homeopathy. He adviced me a generalist that was further on the field. This encounter was the best thing that could happen in my life!
The result of the intake were one and a half ‘kwarto’ sheets with symptoms as: panic attacks, tachicardy in a rate of nearly dieing, loosing my hair, general anxiety, anorexia, sleeplesness, earnoises at a destructive level, syndrome of Menière, as the most dangerous and disburbing ones.
We had a 20 year long beneficient coöperation and now I’m 15 years without serious complaints needing no medical care besides from time to time dentistry.

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