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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 8321
Netherlands Marge Hopes Patient VU Netherlands
United States of America Satya Pappu Other International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) United States of America
Netherlands Giovanne de Legé Researcher Netherlands
Greece Aliki Vythoulka Other Panhellenic union of professional reflexologists Greece
Netherlands Ellen Jalink Other Netherlands
Netherlands Petra Terpstra Other Netherlands
Belgium M Vd Bemden Patient Belgium
Germany Matias Langer Educator Andreashof Germany
Sweden Gerarda Miltenburg Practitioner - Medical doctor SAL Sweden
Netherlands Petra Gosens Patient Netherlands
United States of America Dona M Totten Other NAANA United States of America Hoping for ongoing good healthy collaborations.
India Vinayak Padikkal Variyam Affiliation PPHS Foundation India
Netherlands Monique Zomer Affiliation Praktijk Zomer Netherlands
Netherlands Kees Wesseling Educator Netherlands
Namibia Bayo Balogun Practitioner - Medical doctor Bamukelwa global trading Namibia It is high time we gave attention to TCIH to enhance sustainability and positive living of humanity
Australia Emma Wright Educator Australia
Australia Joy Wells Other Place of Joy Space Australia I will be supporting and promoting any TCIH Healthcare.
Netherlands Elisa Gerrits Other Netherlands
Netherlands Zoltan Schermann Practitioner - Medical doctor Netherlands
Greece B K Patient Greece
Greece Nikolaos Nikolaidis Other Greece
Netherlands Marjan Waltman Patient Netherlands
United States of America Rebecca Wyland Affiliation United States of America
Argentina Gisele Sosa Practitioner - Medical doctor Argentina
Spain Van Vega Other Spain
Bulgaria Eva Hristova Practitioner - Medical doctor Bulgaria
Australia Susan Nelson-Smith Educator Crystal Sound and Light Institute Australia I have been a teacher for over 30 years and my strong desire is to see a wider acceptance and collaboration and research in traditional, complementary and integrative healthcare.
Netherlands Jan Brekelmans Affiliation Netherlands
Germany Christian Grah Practitioner - Medical doctor Hospital Havelhoehe Germany
Netherlands Ilse Wagemans Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Malou van Riemsdijk Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Elisa Passavanti Affiliation HvA Netherlands
Kenya Festus TOLO Researcher Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Kenya Traditional and complimentary medicines play a major role in health care and are source of templates for discovery and development of conventional medicines.
Kenya Festus TOLO Researcher Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Kenya Teamwork and collaborations are necessary for the development of traditional and complimentary remedies for health management.
United States of America Ricki Sheldon Other ARCOM United States of America
Netherlands Hans Mersmann Affiliation Netherlands
United States of America eden tosch Practitioner - Medical doctor United States of America
United States of America Mary Jo Aloi Other Mary Jo Aloi, CCH United States of America
United States of America Wendy Holler Practitioner - Medical doctor Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health United States of America I support the provision of holistic, integrative, complimentary practices for all persons. These modalities are effective, at times, preferred therapy and often can be cost-saving and should therefore be paid for by health insurance companies. Insurance companies should not dictate what evidence-based modalities are covered; instead, they should provide reasonable reimbursement that is data-driven so that all persons can participate in modalities that support their healing and well-being, regardless of ability to pay.
Malawi John Mponda Educator Kamuzu University of Health Sciences Malawi I would like to receive a copy of this declaration. I would like to join in teaching and dissemination of this information
Germany C Hagemann Patient Heilpraktikerin Germany
Spain Cristina Vallverdu Practitioner - Medical doctor Spain Trabajo con la Fundacion de Terapias Naturales de España, soy parte del comité de regulación y también del comité de comunicación. A través de mi canal de Youtube, divulgo la Medicina China para los países de habla hispana.
Netherlands Maud Gonzalez Rommers Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Martin Wagenaar Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Elisabeth Van noort Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Nicole Boeijink Educator Netherlands
Netherlands Natascha Jetten Educator Netherlands
Netherlands Sylvia Blickman Affiliation Sylvia Blickman Sieraden Netherlands I agree !!
Netherlands M. van Veen Patient Netherlands
Guatemala Alessia Gonzalez Researcher Unidad de Antropología Medica Guatemala
Belgium frank goedertier Other geen Belgium
Belgium Annemie Willems Affiliation Graciosa Belgium
Japan 久藤 恭子 Other Kyoko’s Health Care Japan
Netherlands AGAATH WITTEBROOD Other Netherlands ik steun holistische gezondheidszorg en de vergoeding hiervan door de verzekeringen.
Netherlands Jan Bulens Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Marianne Oppelaar Affiliation Netherlands
Belgium benoit daems Other Belgium
Netherlands Kim Wiggers Practitioner - Medical doctor Netherlands
Netherlands Sanne Verhoeve Other Netherlands
Belgium Regina Engels Affiliation Belgium
United States of America Shannon Porter Researcher United States of America
Canada Paola DeCicco Practitioner - Medical doctor Canada
Netherlands ingrid verschoor Patient Netherlands
Netherlands JMA Prevoo Patient Netherlands
Netherlands M Diel Patient Netherlands
Italy Mirjam lisette Haspers Patient Italy It's about time we recognise the fact that we use medicine and therapies to help people and not just to fight diseases.
Netherlands Gaby De Peinder Other NAVN Netherlands
Netherlands Marja Moors Other Netherlands
Netherlands Kristy Boots Affiliation Netherlands
Brazil Deise Lopes Silva Practitioner - Medical doctor Self employed Brazil
Indonesia Iwan Hari Rusawan Educator Indonesia I teach integrative male circumcision and wound care
Germany Linda de Silva Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
Netherlands Marijke Schillings Affiliation Netherlands
Brazil Rafael Raposo Practitioner - Medical doctor Brazil
Netherlands Kirsten van Loon Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands charlotte eckebus Patient Netherlands
Denmark Lillian Wong Practitioner - Medical doctor Unicus Engineering ApS Denmark
Hungary Zsuzsanna Emberné Ocskay Other - Hungary
Netherlands Linda de Graaff Patient Netherlands
France Aurore Ivanes Practitioner - Medical doctor France
South Africa Rebecca Sturgeon Practitioner - Medical doctor South Africa The People’s Declaration calls for the respectful collaboration between traditional, complementary and biomedical practices with the aim of achieving a person-centred and holistic approach to health. The healthcare we want focuses on the whole person, is participative, respects individual choices as well as cultural diversity and integrates clinical experience and patient values with the best available research information. Full access to traditional, complementary and integrative healthcare should be part of the right to health.
Brazil Katia Torres Patient Brazil
United States of America Satya Pappu Other United States of America
Italy Silvia Polesello Practitioner - Medical doctor Italy
Belgium Beatrijs Versichel Patient —- Belgium
Canada Stefanie Henderlin Practitioner - Medical doctor Mangata Apothecary Canada
New Zealand Sarah Penrose Researcher New Zealand New Zealand still lacks national guidance or strategy to support judicious antimicrobial use in humans, animals, and plants, and a system to monitor their use.
United States of America Faris AlHajri Researcher Haqua Wellness United States of America
Canada Renee Purdy Practitioner - Medical doctor Canada
New Zealand Camille Hoffman Other Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand New Zealand
Netherlands Max Tuerlings Patient Established Grounds Netherlands
Brazil Leda Regina de Araújo Other ABTAA-AURORA Brazil O conhecimento e prática da saúde com a visão ampliada do ser humano, sendo ele harmonizado pelo equilibrio entre espírito, alma e corpo é de fundamental importancia para o desenvolvimento individual e como consequência teremos uma comunidade mais saudável.
Canada Catherine Turnbull Educator EESNQ Canada
Brazil Janine Fregapani Barbosa Educator UFRGS Brazil
India Ritika Rana Other Nehru Homeopathy Medical College India
Brazil Roger Dresch Researcher Fiocruz Brazil
Brazil Amanda Polin Pereira Other University of Sao Paulo Brazil
Australia Alana Gall Researcher National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine, Southern Cross University Australia I lead a program of research focussed on the protection and preservation, and access to, Indigenous Traditional Medicines for Indigenous Peoples in Australia.
Australia Zyana Gall Researcher Southern Cross University Australia I work within Indigenous Medicine in Australia, I am also a proud Aboriginal women. I work alongside my mum, Alana Gall who is also apart of TCIH.
Germany Sarita Knapp Patient Germany